We like to have both family members and service providers as a part of the Sibshop leadership.  Parents are often the driving force in getting a Sibshop started, but they are not usually the best people to run the Sibshops their own children attend.  Still, there is plenty of behind-the-scenes work for parents to do to support a Sibshop effort.  We very much like having adult sibs as Sibshop facilitators–and adult sibs tell us that they get much out of running the program.  The facilitator who is a service provider will know about the special needs represented in the group and about services available in the community.  Regardless of whether the facilitator is a family member or service provider, we seek certain qualities in a good Sibshop facilitator.  We want them to truly enjoy the company of kids and have had experience working with kids; to be especially good listeners; and to have the ability to convey a sense of joy, wonder, and fun.