About Don Meyer

Contact information:
Don Meyer
Founder, Sibling Support Project

Don Meyer is the Founder of the Sibling Support Project and the creator of Sibshops. Don created SibTeen Sib20, and SibNet, online communities for brothers and sisters which allow thousands of siblings from around the world to connect with their peers.

Don was a founder of the SEFAM (Supporting Extended Family Members) program at the University of Washington, which pioneered services for fathers, siblings, and grandparents of children with special needs.

As a sought-after speaker, Don has conducted hundreds of workshops on siblings, fathers, and grandparents of children with special needs and trainings on the Sibshop model throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Iceland, England, Italy, New Zealand, and Japan.

Don is the senior author or editor of seven books:

  • Sibshops: Workshops for brothers and sisters of children with special needs;
  • Uncommon Fathers: Reflections on Raising a Child with Special Needs;
  • Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs: a Book for Sibs;
  • Views from our Shoes: Growing up with a brother or sister with special needs;
  • The Sibling Slam Book;
  • Thicker than Water: Essays by Adult Siblings of People with Disabilities; and
  • The Sibling Survival Guide: Indispensable Information for Brothers and Sisters of Adults with Disabilities.

Don has been interviewed by numerous news outlets for stories regarding siblings’ concerns including ABC News’ 20/20, Nightline, and World News Tonight; Newsweek; The New York Times; The Washington Post; Newsday; Ladies Home Journal; National Public Radio; and Good Housekeeping.

Don is married to Terry DeLeonardis, a special education preschool teacher and consultant. They have four children and two grandchildren.