Sibshop Providers

Sibshop providers are some of the best people on earth! They care deeply about young brothers and sisters of people with special needs and go the extra mile to make sure that the lively Sibshops they run give young sibs the support and validation they richly deserve.

Here’s what Sibshop providers can do from this page:

  • They can read the Sibshop Standards of Practice. The Standards describe the expectations we have for sibling programs that call themselves “Sibshops.”
  • They can register their Sibshop. Only registered Sibshops may use the Sibshop name, logo, and curriculum.
  • They can join SibGroup, a Yahoogroup for those who run Sibshops. Every registered Sibshop must have at least one facilitator who is a member of SibGroup.
  • They can access the Sibshop Activity Archive to see activities and materials shared by fellow Sibshop facilitators from around the world. To access this page, you will need to login (see the dark green rectangle in upper right corner) using the login information and information used for registration.

A simple web search for “Sibshop” or even “Sib Shops” results in literally thousands of hits.  We are truly pleased that there is such interest in the model.  The Sibshop Standards of Practice help assure that when parents send their children to a Sibshop, they are sending them to a program that reflect the goals and values of the Sibshop model.

Download a PDF of The Sibshop Standard of Practice

Please know:

  • Only registered Sibshops may use the Sibshop name, logo, and curriculum.
  • There is no registration fee.
  • Once your Sibshop is registered, you will be able to update the contact information about your Sibshop found on the Sibshop Directory.
  • Once registered, you will be able to access activities and materials submtted by other Sibshop provdiers on the Sibshop Facilitator Forum.

Here’s the registration process:

  1. Read the Sibshop Standards of Practice carefully, including Standard 10, which discusses training on the Sibshop model.
  2. Join SFF, the Sibshop Facilitator Forum. SFF is a closed Facebook page JUST for facilitators from registered Sibshops. Belonging to SFF is a requirement of all registered Sibshops and we cannot approve your registration until we learn you have asked to join SFF. Write us at if you have questions about joining SFF.
  3. Please visit this site where you will create a password. Once you have created a password, you can proceed to Step 4 where you will use this password to register your Sibshop. Please hang on to this password! You will use it when you log in to update your Sibshop information and when you access activities, promotional materials, and other resources in the Sibshop Activity Archive.
  4. Register your Sibshop.

The Sibshop Facilator Forum (SFF) is a closed Facebook group JUST for Sibshop providers from registered Sibshops.  It is an excellent forum to meet others running Sibshops and share ideas, challenges, activiies, and stories of your successes.  It is also our primary way of staying in touch with Sibshops around the world.

At least one faciliatior from each registered Sibshop must be a member of SFF.

Join the Sibshop Facilitator Forum

Survey on Sibshops

Positive Results of Sibshops Last into Adulthood

  • According to a 2005 University of Washington survey of adults who attended Sibshops as kids:
  • Over 90% of the respondents said Sibshops had a positive effect on the feelings they had for their siblings;
  • Sibshops taught coping strategies to over two-thirds of respondents;
  • Three-fourths reported that Sibshops affected their adult lives; and
  • 94% said they would recommend Sibshops to others.

The authors conclude: “The positive effects of the Sibshop program are not only apparent, but enduring.”

Learn More About the Survey